strausmouse (strausmouse) wrote,

Seven Twelfths of a Year

Yes, that little creature we call "son" turned 7 months old today.  Time is a-flyin'.  But here's what he's been up to lately.
First, his name:  EatSleepSmilePeePoopGrabEverythingandPutInTheMouth is still accurate.  But soon we may be adding more suffixes, such as "crawl."  Yes, last week the little dude figured out how to propel himself across the floor using only his arms and legs.  He doesn't go too far at a time, but he can move pretty quick if so if he sees the piano bench leg or something incredibly enticing like that.  He can also sit up on his own now.  It's a bit freaky - he's on his back or stomach, I turn away for a second, and when I turn back he's sitting up.  I half-expect his head to turn around in a full circle a la The Exorcist.  And today, on his 7-month birthday, he pulled himself into a standing position in his crib, using the rails to hold himself up.  That'll bake your noodle right there.  Seems just yesterday he was a useless pile of flesh that couldn't do much on his own beyond pooping. 
He's still pretty happy and smiley most of the time...except when his soon-to-be-visible teeth are bothering him.  But a quick dose of Flintstones Chewable Morphine fixes him right up.  Or Tylenol, whatever is on hand. 
We have begun a nightly routine, which entails having dinner, bath time (when applicable), story time, bottle, and bed time.  In that order.  And usually it works pretty well - although he still would rather eat his books than read them...but presumably he'll grow out of that once he can understand the words coming out of my mouth.  But he pretty much always falls asleep during or right after his bottle, and he will sleep either straight through the night or get up once for a very short time before going back to sleep.  Not too shabby for a couple of rookies like us, eh?  Eh.
We don't spend a lot of time in front of the T.V. with him, especially now that we have dinner in the kitchen and eat at the same time he does, but occasionally he gets some of the boob tube (which has nothing to do with rmstraus feeding him) - and it turns out that his favorite shows are game shows which feature large letters...such as Wheel of Fortune.  We happened to flip past it once, and it caught his eye and he was riveted.  So we let him watch it, and when it went to commercial he lost interest and focused on his socks or something, but when the commercials ended and the show started again, he stopped eating his hand and again gazed intently as Vanna lit up all sorts of consonants and vowels.  He's done the same thing with a couple of other stupid shows on the Game Show Network that feature large, shiny letters.  What does it mean? 
Anyway, he still is the cutest damn thing you ever did see, and I'm sure there will be much more to report at month 8.  Until then, remember: 


Shoot, I forgot.  Go Packers.

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